Comb lamp

SFT-SCD08Comb lamp SFT-SCD08Comb lamp
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SFT-SCD08 Comb lamp


Adopt highlight LED beads, strong light efficiency, long life;

Waterproof and dust proof, IP rate > IP65;

Reasonable design, easy installation;

Multiform colors can be customized.



Model SFT-SCD08
Working Voltage 24V DC(±5%)
Working Current < 80mA
Material PC
Luminescent Material LED(standard configuration white, can be customized)
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ ~ +60℃
Illumination Intensity (Distance From Surface 5mm) White : ≥ 15000LUX
IP Rating IP65
Working Life > 50000 h


 NO Color Definition
1 Brown According to the green
2 Blue According to the red
3 Black 0V