Operation indicator

SFT-ZSQ-G1Operation indicator SFT-ZSQ-G1Operation indicator
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SFT-ZSQ-G1 Operation indicator


Adopt highlight LED beads, with good brightness uniformity;

Acrylic appearance, attractive and durable;

Convenient installation;

Two display status are optional by different connection.

Red “--” indicates no entry 

Green “↑” indicates passable 



Please keep voltage in specified range;

Avoid using in corrosive places;

Please use in specified environment temperature.



Model SFT-ZSQ-G1
Working Voltage 24V AC/DC(±20%)
Working Current < 110mA
Material ABS Acryl, ABS
Tube Diameter 107.5mm
Tube Height 178mm
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ ~ +60℃
Illumination Intensity(Distance From Surface 5mm) Red : ≥500LUX
Green : ≥1500LUX
IP Rating IP55
Working Life >50000 h



NO Color Definition
1 Black 0V
2 Blue Green Passable Arrowhead
3 Brown Red Forbidden