Levelling switch

EM-LPS83Levelling switch EM-LPS83Levelling switch
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EM-LPS83 Levelling switch

Model EM-LPS83
 Supply Voltage DC10V~40V
Current Consumption ≤20mA
Detecting Object Opaque objects, diametet ≥6mm
Output Response Time ≤1ms
Action Mode Check (irising) ON, OUT
Indicating Lights Shielding slab checkout(Red light ON)
IP Rating IP65
Working Temperature -25℃ ~ +65℃
Working Humidity Below 85%RH
Working Illuminance Below 100,000LX
Vibration Resistance Vibration Frequency: 10-55Hz(sweep frequency 5 minutes) Composite amplitude : x ,y, z directions 2 hours respectively
Resistance To Shock Accelerated speed : 10G , x , y , z directions 10 times respectively
Insulation Resistance DC500V, above 50M between cable and shell
Withstand Voltage AC1000V last 1 minute, between cable and shell
Lifetime Above 100 millions times